Friday, May 8, 2009


While I am absolutely sure that this blog is going to get me in trouble, I need to write. I keep a journal so I guess I will writing twice but it's therapeutic. I am awaiting my freedom right now. I need to move from my current living arrangement. That will be a separate blog :) I am trying to work on this bad attitude I have and it is a journey. I did a survey asking the people closest to me about my attitude and it was eye opening. I have been trying for years to become a better person but PEOPLE truly irritate me. Anyway I do not want people to walk on eggshells I actually appreciate honesty. So follow me as I work on myself. Suggestions are welcomed but if you know me, I probably wont listen. Work In Progress............

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  1. Hey V,
    I see you doing your thing on all levels, keep it going God Bless!

    I guess you like Martin back in the day when him and Gina went to the marriage retreat "...people make me angry...I throws people out..." LOL flashback

  2. Lol, that's exactly how I am. I'm working on it though. Thank you for being supportive.