Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Let me just say the next man in my life is going through a thorough screening process. In the past I have tried to keep an open mind and not judge books by their covers. No more. I am 28 years old and it is time to find my companion, best friend, life partner, and husband?? I would love to get married but I do not need the paper, just the commitment. This is the longest I have ever been single and it gave me time to prioritize. I am willing to accept 14 out of 16 but Men step your game up. I do not need a dependent, I need a companion.

Have some kind of spirituality-He doesn't have to be Bible toting but needs to know the Lord. Recognize that there is a higher power and respect that I believe in GOD and try to live by his word.

Job-Need I say more?

Education-He needs to stimulate my mind. I need book smart & a lil street smart.

Home-Uh I know times are rough but you can not live with your mother.

Car-Yeah I'm tired of compromising on this one. Oh I don't do hood cars :)

Music-I listen to music all day & night. I need a man who is into music, don't care about the genre.

Travel-I need a vacation (c)Jeezy. Lol, no really he has to be willing to travel.

Sense of Humor-I am so hilarious so I need someone to make me laugh, this is a must.

Ok Looking-I'm trying not to be so shallow. But stay in your league.

Honest-Don't do liars. No need to lie to me b/c WHEN you get caught, it's a rap.

Loyal-This is a big deal, I have to have loyalty.

Some style-I can appreciate a white tee w/ a fresh hat & matching tennis shoes. I will quickly correct a fashion no-no.

Respect Their Mom-If you don't respect your mother, you will not respect me.

Values-Believe in right and wrong.

Goals-I'm making moves so I need someone to grow with.


I could write what I don't want but why? This is on a per case basis, lol. Oh and I am asking 20 questions about the past, maybe more. I can not deal with emotional baggage. I destroyed my suitcases the other day.

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