Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another Chapter

As I am closing another chapter in my life, I have a trillion things going through my mind. I am trying to get my site up & running ( give me a week or two. I had my first speaking engagement yesterday @ Bowie State University. I miss being on campus. The kids were a great experience. I wish I had gone to a writing camp at that age. I am thankful to God for pushing me because I can be lazy.

Also the moving date is 07/15/2009. Woo friggin Hoo!!! I have learned a lot about life, men, and myself in the last four years. I may still have an attitude but I have improved a lot. I know what I truly want in a companion, just gotta find him or him me. I was disappointed in myself for a silly mistake I made but hey you only live once so I'm over it. I look forward to the new chapter in my life and know that I will receive the peace I much deserve.

I read somewhere I should promote myself so.......If you don't have the book yet, Please visit or email me @ and I'll get a copy to you. This blog will become a lot more frequent and interesting when I gain freedom. Freedom Party coming soon.....It's gonna be a blast :)

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